What Makes Good Music And How Do We Identify Them?

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300x250 05 - What Makes Good Music And How Do We Identify Them?

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goodmusic - What Makes Good Music And How Do We Identify Them?

What Makes Good Music And How Do We Identify Them?

What is good music and how can we identify one?

Many people have their own
definition of what good music Is meant to be, but not everyone really
understand the true meaning of It and how to identify It.

 First of all music is an international language which transcends beyond
borders irrespective of language barriers. And its’ also siad that music is a sound that is pleasant to the hearing…

How to you Describe Music in your own meaning??

Having said that let me
explain what Good Music is. 

What Makes Good Music Good?(A brief look into music as a whole.)

Good Music is any music that stimulates your
brain and helps you think clearer which also help to add value to your life endeavors.

Also a good music is a music you can listen to
for years without getting bored of it. Music that is made with a
lot of love, care and time can also be attributed to good music. But
the most important factor is the fact that music affects us in different
ways. There is no real classification of a good music as long as the
music touches us emotionally and makes us feel in a way that we weren’t

300x250 05 - What Makes Good Music And How Do We Identify Them?

Have you sometimes listened to music that you don’t really understand
the language but you still somehow find yourself falling in love with
it? That’s what a good music is meant to do because sometimes music is
spiritual, it can speak to your without really understanding a word of
what is been said in the song. Our understanding of good music in this
part of the world is old classics blues records or classical jazz but
genre like Apala, Highlife, Fuji, Juju and other local music genre also
have a lot of good music which are evergreen and touches it’s listeners
one way or the other anytime the songs are played.

 Now, how to you get to know if a music is good enough to the hearing?

Here’s what I do to judge a piece of music as a pianist and a music student

try to listen to a song actively. I’m normally not able to listen to
music while actively performing some other activity which demands my
attention. This is mainly because I pay a lot of attention to the song,
and am rarely able to regard it as simply background music.

best way to judge something is to actually pick up an instrument and
take it seriously. Till you do that, it’ll be difficult to truly judge
the music you listen to. I play guitar and the way I look at music has
completely changed after I picked up the instrument.  I now pay almost equal attention to the guitar,
drums and bass in most of the stuff I listen to.

When it comes to
music, there’s a constant tug-of-war between technical complexity and
feel. While it’s critical for a song to have soul, I demand that a song
be complex and/or original in some way or the other. I’ll come back to
this point in a bit.

It’s important to have some idea of the
history of the genre you’re listening to. Now look at it in this way.
You’re a novice listener, and one of the first bands you start listening
to makes songs with this simple structure, this really catchy hook and
some lyrics that really “touch” you. You love this song and soon enough
you like the rest of the band’s music. Now what you don’t know is that
this band is simply using a tried and tested formula that’s been working
for ages, and has little creative input from its own side. 

The more you
listen to music, the more you realize that this band isn’t as awesome as
it used to seem, now that you find out that it’s being formulaic and
bland because all they’re doing is taking a well known formula, using it
to create more music and everybody loves this band without realizing
that it’s been done several times by other artists. The more you know
the history of your genre, the more you realize who did it first, why
everyone was influenced by (or copied) them, and who truly deserves

This is also where my need for originality and complexity
kicks in. It’s fine to use some formulaic parts in your music, but
where does your creative input come in? I believe that music should
build on these formulas. Take them and make something deeper and more
meaningful from them, and not just use the formula for the same effect
over and over. This forms a basis for me to judge my music.

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