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300x250 05 - MUST READ:7 DAYS(WAR FRO M THE OTHER WORLD) Episode 4

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Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi
.Episode 4
“Flyman… we got a mission tonight. Meet me at our hang out by 9:00pm to
plan the strategies and tactics on our attack tonight.” The Capon
”… okay Capon.” I replied stammering and ended the call and I dropped the phone on my mattress.
“What a problem! Mama said I must not go out at night, now the Capon
just called me that we have a mission tonight, how will do this?” I
murmured walking up and down in the room.
“I must take part in the
attack, my mother axiom is just her fabrication and I can’t give a dim
for any superstition, beside I am financially broke and penniless, I
have to work to earn a living, nothing will happen jhor.” I concluded
I was reading a novel when I
heard the beep of my phone, I checked the caller and it was my mother, I
murmured for a while and picked up the call.
“Hello ma.” Mama began
“Hello Daniel, my pastor just called me now, he told me to warn you
again, he said you belonged to an ungodly group and you are planning to
go out tonight…” She explained but I didn’t allow her to finish off when
I ended the call without saying a word; I switch off the call and
continued with my reading. I was extremely angry and irritated with her
statement. I dropped the book on my bed since I was unable to assimilate
and understand the plot of the story due to my mother irritating
It is 8:50pm, I sneaked out of my hostel and headed
to our usual joint and hang out, I met the Capon and some well-known
members of the group discussing, chatting and gisting, I shook hand with
all of them and we start with the planning of the strategies and
“We have to take the eastern route because there is a
police station very close to the house, no one must shoot unless the
police show up.” The Capon explained using the map laid in front of him.
“Hercules, Scorpion and Dan, you will take the watchfulness and
securities roles in the mission. Flash, you will maintain your role as
the driver. Plezor, Fola, Daniel and I will execute the mission inside
the house. Remember the rule. No shooting and gunfire. We have thirty
minutes to execute this mission and we must be fast and steady. Am I
making sense?” The Capon asked pointing at the map.
“Yes boss.” We replied in unison.
“The weapons are ready and they are all loaded with bullets, so I think
we don’t have any problem. Do we?” Capon vocalized with hemp of
marijuana in his mouth.
“Capon, what time…” Hercules asked but unfinished.
“Good, we will leave here by 12:00pm and it is an hour drive to the
house so by 1pm we should be there.” The Capon concluded polluting the
air with the gas from the marijuana.
“Let drink and be happy.” The capon finalized smiling.
TIME: 1:00AM
Flash speedily drove into the compound. We jumped down from the car and
took to our respective roles in the mission. The gatekeeper was tied
with rope by Hercules and Scorpion. Plezor, Fola, Capon and I entered
the building silently. A man in his early 50, I guess, was watching a
football match, he was really tempted and engrossed that he couldn’t
notice we are with him in the house, Plezor stood behind him and he
landed a deafening slap on his face.
“Aaaaaarrrrhhhh, who is that idi…” The man blasted but unfinished when he saw a gun pointed to his head.
“Good … sir.” He greeted stammering facing Don (the Capon name) who sat down in a couch.
Don signaled to Plezor and Fola to bring all the dwellers of the house,
and in a jiffy, they are back with the rest of the family including the
“Lie down flat.” I yelled slapping the maid who was shivering in fear.
“Mr. Adewole, yesterday at 8:30am, you received an alert that 5 million
naira was paid into your account by a company that awarded a contract
to you, the money was part payment of the quotation that you submitted.
1:30pm, you left your office and went to the bank to cash the money.
2:14pm you came out of the bank with a briefcase which on your hand.
3.00pm, you drove into this compound with the money. Now, we the owners
of the money are here, I advise you to cooperate else I won’t hesitate
to blow off your head, where is my money?” Don explained and questioned.
Mr. Adewole opened his mouth in agape; he was surprised and confused
because the whole information is nothing but the fact.
“(Gun choke),
it seems you’re not ready to cooperate, I think you really want to
die.” Don yelled pointing his pistol, he was about to pull the trigger
when Mr. Adewole responded.
“The money is in my room.” Mr. Adewole replied stammering with tears in his eyes.
“Lead the way.” Don commanded and signaled to me to go behind him and I did as instructed.
I came back with Mr. Adewole, holding the briefcase. He placed the
briefcase on the table. Plezor examined the money and it was intact.
“Boss, this girl is sweet.” I whispered to Capon pointing to a girl in
her early 18, I guess, she was wearing a boom-shot and a half singlet;
exposing her abdomen and big bo-bs.
“Should we taste her?” Don asked serenely.
“Yes, let try her.” I replied not that audible.
Don get on his feet and move closer to the girl, he slapped her ass and the girl screamed for help.
“Mr. Adewole, thanks for your cooperation but you really waste my time
and your daughter will pay for it.” Don stated looking at the damsel
lying on the ground.
“Please don’t do anything to me, I’m a virgin, please sir.” The girl pleaded.
“Wow! Virgin, oh! That is nice, as old as you’re you was able to keep
your virginity till this stage, you really tried and I think I should
compensate you for that.” Don paused facing Mr. Adewole.
“You’re such a good father.” He continued.
“My lady, (facing the girl), how old are you?” The Capon asked giving out a wicked laugh.
“1..8 …18.” She replied stammering.
“Wow! I am falling for you, you must be a wife material, but it is
quite unfortunate that I, Jeff, love sleeping with virgins, I am even
nicknamed ‘virginity breaker’” He paused laughing, we all burst into
laughter and we all hailed Don.
“Please I hate being stressed and I
am very wicked. Just lie down flat and spread your leg, so that I can
know if you’re truly a virgin.” The capon commanded pointing his gun at
the girl. Out of fear, the girl did as instructed and the Capon
succeeded in sleeping with her for over 10 minutes. The girl was rolling
on the ground unconsciously, she was groaning in pain and sting.
“Wow! I can’t believe you’re truly a virgin. I hope you remembered that
I said that I will compensate you if you’re truly a virgin, this is my
reimbursement.” He paused.
“Flyman, help her more, she’s still tight.” The Capon concluded and I
happily unzipped my trouser and I entered her, she moaned and groaned in
pain, she was crying and weeping, ‘who care?’ I thought. I was barging
hard, panting and sweating immensely. Shortly, I noticed she was muted, I
checked her breathing and she is no more breathing, I impatiently
checked her pulse and it was all gone.
“Boss, she is gone.” I yelled with a shaky voice.
“Let go… let go…” The Capon commanded and Plezor carried the bag. We hurried to the car and Flash sped off.
“Aaaaarrrrrrhhhhhh.” Mr. Adewole cried grievously.
“My only child was raped to death, people that did this will not live
for years, people who did this will not live for months, your life will
be as miserable as that of a mad man, you will never live to see the
sweetness of life, you will live to suffer for the unforgivable crime
you have committed. Aaaahhh!” Mr. Adewole cursed and cried as the light
faded gradually.


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