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300x250 05 - MUST READ:7 DAYS(WAR FROM THE OTHER WORLD)  Episode 3

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MUST READ:7 DAYS(WAR FROM THE OTHER WORLD)  Episode 3   Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi
.  Episode ❸

The echo from the gunshot rented the room, I opened my eyes gradually
only to find out that the gunshot did not penetrate, I looked around and
I could see the damages the bullet did to the standing mirror behind
“You spare my life?” I asked with a shaking voice but surprisingly.
“No… I can’t spare your life. I deliberately shot at the mirror… hmmm” He paused as he griped my shirt again.
“I am only sparing you for a while, because the day you let my secret
overt, I won’t kill you once, I promise you will die a hundred deaths
before your death.” Daniel concluded, he walked sluggishly to his bed
and picked up his pillow, he zipped the pillow cloth, and he kept his
gun inside his pillow and left the hostel.
“I danced along with the music Daniel was playing. I became closer to
Daniel than any other person on campus; people tagged us as ‘RIGID
FRIEDNS’ on campus. Daniel would forced me to go to places against my
wishes, I became a puppet to the cultist, I can’t do anything on my own,
I dare not pick a call when he is with me but he was quite friendly and
lively, he taught me how to smoke cigarette even though it was totally
against my wish, I just have to comply. I was more than tired of the
university life but can I face the wrath of the Bravura Demolisher? Can I
face the Capon Flyman? No I just have to play along; my closeness to
Daniel made the rival’s cult groups to think that I am one of the newly
initiated members of the Bravura Demolisher. I was beaten on several
occasions by different cult groups in the school because they assumed I
am one of the Bravura Demolisher.
Days passed by and turned to
week, weeks eclipsed and transformed to month. A month later, Daniel
forcefully introduced me to the capon of the Bravura Demolisher. The
Capon sat down on a chair, he lean his back at a huge tree, which
provided shied for him and his two bodyguards standing behind him.

“Who is this idiot?” The Capon asked facing Daniel. He landed a
thunderous slap on my left cheek; I staggered backward and I reluctantly
went on my knees. The Capon wrapped a big hemp of Marijuana; he lighted
the Marijuana and started smoking.
“Capon, he is the guy I told you
about that is been oppressed by the other groups.” Daniel explained
raising his two hands up in the air.
“You are Fola right?” The Capon asked facing me.
“Ye…y…e…sss sir.” I replied stammering.
“Are you ready to belong to the Bravura Demolisher?” The capon asked as
he landed another thunderous slap on my right cheek, I groaned in pains
but I dare not jazz, soliloquized or confront him, I looked at Daniel
but he only turned away facing the opposite direction, I was like ‘face
your problem, it is none of my business’
“No sir, I am not ready to belong to a cult group.” I replied negatively.
“I will rather die than to commit an unforgivable sin. What is the
benefit of a secret cult that can’t help me academically, morally,
financially and spiritually? Tell me what will be my gain if I join this
futile group? This group is for professed vilest sinners like you
(pointing to the Capon and Daniel), committing treasons against God’s
wills, a group oppressing the weak and the non-initiated students. A
group that can only avenge my death after I am killed by the rival’s
cult, I know if I join this inept group, my days are numbered so why
would I join a group that I know is of no benefit than committing
murderous deeds, I am sorry for my rude and harsh words, if death is my
punishment for my crude statements, kindly do your worst.” I concluded
looking eyes in eyes with the Capon, I could see the rage of anger in
his eyes, his eyes turned red like that of wide fire…
“Ah!” The Capon screamed on top of his voice.
“Boss… please give me your permission.” One of his bodyguard requested
pocketing his left hand inside his left trouser’s pocket which I know he
was willing to drew out a gun.
“What nonsense!” The capon exclaimed
in disbelief, he dropped the Marijuana he was smoking; he faced Daniel
with a disappointed look, his eyes were burning in rage of anger, he was
really furious and enraged, the look in his eyes could tell. There was
silence in the arena for almost a minute, Daniel looked at me
regretfully, and he was like ‘you no fear death o’…
“Daniel, you really fall my hand this time.” The Capon broke the unwelcomed silence.
“And you know we have to recruit new members to face the Vicking
Confraternity. The battle with the Vicking is drawing nearer and we have
just recruited just 30 students, do you want the leaders to face the
Vicking? Do you want Bravura Demolisher to perish? The Vicking
confraternity must be a tough opponent, they are okay in numbers and
strengths, they have reinforcement and backup but what do we have?
Nothing. I am trying to strengthen this great group but you bringing a
nuisance like this to me, please waste this one before I do my worst.”
The Capon uttered and commanded his bodyguards.
The two men in
black dragged me to a nearby bush. They were gigantic and giant in
appearance. They pushed me on the ground and they trampled me with their
shoes. They brought out a knife each and they are ready to stab me to
dead. Unfortunately for them and luckily for me, I was able gathered
some strength to get up, I unbelievably kicked the knife one of them was
holding and catch it up in the air, I dashingly grabbed his neck and
jump on his back, I used him as a shied from the other, I placed the
knife on his neck and I threatened the other to surrender or I stab his
colleagues to death, he only laugh and brought out a silent pistol from
his back pocket, he aimed at my eyes but mistakenly, he shoots the other
cultist who drop dead instantly. The shooter ran to his colleagues to
see if he could rescue him but it was too late, he has gave up the
ghost, I seized that opportunity to wait for the sympathizing cultist,
he held the other tightly and embraced him.
“I won’t let your death
be in vain, I promise to take revenge for you on that guy that caused
this, I will forever and ever remember you.” The other cultist
finalized, he get back on his feet with a mean and nasty looks on his
face, he drew out two silent pistol from his pocket, he look around the
vicinity but I was nowhere to be found, he was confused, dumbstruck and
afraid at a time, he turned around only to find me waiting for him with a
big log of wood on my hand, I reluctantly smash the wood on his head,
he groaned in pain and stumble into a cave, I left the bush and ran to
the bus-stop, I boarded a bus going to Onitsha and that was how I never
heard of Daniel and his gangs.

I came back from the lecture room around 3:40pm the next day I left my
mother’s house, I got to my hostel and rested my back on the bed just
then I heard the beep of my phone, I check the caller and ‘Sweet mother’
was visibly displayed on the phone screen, I picked the call and put it
on speaker.
“Hello my dear.” Mama began.
“Hello mama, how was
market today?” I asked searching my wardrobe for a cigarette, I saw one
inside its box; I picked it up and light it.
“Hope you did not forget the warning I gave to you yesterday?” Mama asked.
“Not at all ma.” I replied with a cigarette on my mouth.
“Okay that’s what I wanted to reminds you, please don’t go against my
words this time around, death is the alleviation to the warning o,
please my dear, don’t let me cry over you o.” Mama elucidated.
ma, I will adhere to your warning… ok ma… no need I have enough
provisions… don’t come you know we are in the university and we are
preparing for our exam… okay ma… call you later… bye… love you too” I
concluded and ended the call, just as I was about dropping the phone on
my bed a call entered my phone, I checked the caller and it was the
Capon, I picked up the call half-minded and place it on my left ear.
“Hello Capon.” I greeted.
“Flyman… we got a mission tonight. Meet me at our hang out by 9:00pm
tonight to plan the strategies and tactics on our attack tonight.” The
Capon concluded.
”… okay Capon.” I replied stammering and end the call.

300x250 05 - MUST READ:7 DAYS(WAR FROM THE OTHER WORLD)  Episode 3

©Olamilekan Afolabi 2018. All right reserved


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