Ray Hushpuppi reacts to Daddy Freeze calling out celebrities showing off fake products

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300x250 05 - Ray Hushpuppi reacts to Daddy Freeze calling out celebrities showing off fake products

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Nigeriansarehypocrites RayHushpuppireactstoDaddyFreezecallingoutcelebritiesbuyingfakeproducts - Ray Hushpuppi reacts to Daddy Freeze calling out celebrities showing off fake products

-Daddy Freeze recently called out celebrities who patronize fake products – According to him, everyone should live and act according to their wages

– Malaysian based Nigerian big boy, Ray Hushpuppi, has reacted to this post 

Daddy Freeze, has preached against celebrities who live fake resides. According to the article, he promised a high number of Nigerian celebrities patronize fake products, many times without the knowledge of its own credibility. When many folks agreed with all the OAP, popular Nigerian big boy, .
Ray Hushpuppi, has proven to talk on the matter. Based on his article on social networking,he stated that Nigerians are hypocrites who more or less estimate the channel instead of hear the true message being handed. He maintained Nigerians responded differently once he shared the exact same message several months ago. He composed on Instagram: “Yesterday I searched something I learnt sometimes when I set a message out and people respond to it negatively, it does not indicate that the message I had been passing is wrong, it doesn’t mean I handed it erroneously, it is only unfortunate that “my people”, who I am passing the message across to’re lot of hypocrites, because about 6months ago when I passed the exact same message regarding not patronizing fakes if you don’t want your craft to be pirated too, the entire nigeria came against me.”

One singer with less than perfect hair line who’s a fan of patronizing imitation watches, clothes n shoes even suggested that I should be investigated loool, another one jumped in the studio to create a diss track to telli person to stop wearing gucci that is a good thing lol, another artist jumped into my dm to send me death threats at the title of cultism (that I registered a complaint to the authorities and a few vital ears that are good at accepting revenges just incase, currently) lol simply because I stated what was clearly TRUE and they’re all hushed as though they didn’t observe the same matter trending , “anyways fast forward to yesterday, the identical message was flying around this time from another mouth, and Nigerians be similar to, authentic talk, that’s correct, they should stop buying fakes and lots of support the motion and that I took time to read several remarks and I was amazed when I saw some hot IG figure bashing artists and was contrary to the exact same thing they encouraging only 6months before, I was shaking my head. This has my confidence, to never mind the reaction of people either bad or good, should I understand what I am saying or doing is right, I will never hesitate to pass it on, that would like to take it if carry it and who does not should leave it but I won’t be silent no more because of y’all of hypocrisy.”


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