9-Year-Old Girl Raped Multiple Times By Frsc Official In Benue State

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300x250 05 - 9-Year-Old Girl Raped Multiple Times By Frsc Official In Benue State

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FRSCOfficialRepeatedlyRapes9YearOldGirlInBenueState freedygist - 9-Year-Old Girl Raped Multiple Times By Frsc Official In Benue State

A 9-year-old girl was allegedly Always abused by an official of That the Federal Road Safety Corp in Benue state.

It was Repoted that, the FRSC officer was caught naked in the vehicle on top of the young girl. After the action was subjected to the girl’s dad, he took the kid to the hospital also had necessary tests run on her that affirmed that the child had been raped.

Read the comprehensive report as shared with Ukan Kurugh on Facebook; 

300x250 05 - 9-Year-Old Girl Raped Multiple Times By Frsc Official In Benue State

I had a chat with Mr. Ali the father of the 9year old girl who
was been consistently abused by a mature man who is a staff of the
Federal Road Safety Corp. The man opened up for the first time and told
me exactly what happened. And efforts he has made so far.

said on the 25th of Feb. This year at about 7pm. He had come back from a
trip and was about taking a bath. When his neighbor Mrs. Charles Ali,
walked in with one Miss C. (a groundnut hawker) Mrs. Charles walked into
the compound and pointed at Mr. A, the victims father, and said “this
is the girl’s father”

At this point, Mr. Ali also came in and Mrs
Ali told Mr. A that Miss C said she caught Mr. Ali naked in the car on
top of the victim.
Mrs Ali was telling her husband, Mr. Ali that she had repeatedly warned him but he didn’t listen and now he has been caught.

Mr. Ali, attempted to deny the allegation but Little Miss C (the groundnut hawker) kept insisting; “You did it, I saw you”

A neighbour, Mr. Moses Terngu came in at this point and told the father
of the victim in Tiv, that he intended leaving the scene but his
conscience won’t free him. He told him that he had seen Mr. Ali, begging
Miss C not to let people hear what has happened. He said Mr. Ali even
assumed the little girl was Tiv like Mr. Moses and said “beg her not to
let the matter go out, she is your tribe girl” He knew from then that
something was wrong. A man will not beg one to keep a thing secret
except he is guilty.

The father of the victim asked Mr. Moses to
repeat what he had just told him in English so that the neighbors who
had gathered who weren’t Tiv would also hear it and he did.

told them how he saw Little Miss C. And Mr. Ali arguing for a long time.
Mr Ali was denying and begging her not reveal what has happened but the
little girl braved through. Insisting that she had seen Mr. Ali very
well and that he did it.
9-year-old girl raped multiple times by FRSC Official in Benue state
 Mr. Ali later began to apologize, but he wouldn’t say what he has done that he was apologizing for. And he even started crying.

the father was too shocked and probably too distraught at the time, he
asked his neighbor to help talk to the daughter and she confirmed it
actually happened.

He took the child to the hospital and had
necessary tests run on her and they were released after about a week.
The tests also confirmed that the child had been raped.

On the
26th, around 4:47am, Mr. Ali and wife came knocking on their door with
their little baby. Mr. A the victim’s father told his wife he would
record the conversation, he attempted to, but because the culprit was
already apprehensive, he spoke in hush tones and the record couldn’t
come out clearly. But he admitted in his apology that he actually did it
and asked to be forgiven.
The father of the child victim reported
the matter to the National Human Rights Commission but according to
him, he was asked to write a formal complaint and he did, but no action
was taken.

Mr. Ali wouldn’t stop begging, he even brought his
pastor, a pastor of The Glory of his Majesty to plead on his behalf. The
pastor pleaded that he should be forgiven, he had done the act but was
pleading and so he should be pardoned.
But all these was however
after attempts to accuse the wife of conniving with the little miss C to
tarnish his image and also his inability to craftily blame it on the
devil and evil spirits.

The father again took the matter to NAPTIP
but according to him, he was rejected the first time. It was after a
contact had been given to him that he went back and a formal statement
was taken.
It was found out during the usual questions asked that the act had been going on since the child was 8years old.

Mr Ali was arrested and detained but since the offence is a bailable
offence, he has been released on bail. The matter is yet to go to court
as investigations are still ongoing.
As at the time I had
this interview with the victim’s father, he was quite angry and felt
frustrated that this evil committed against his child will be allowed to
go unpunished.


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